GC BWR RW iCandy Strudel- high scoring RagaMuffin in CFA 2023-2024


My love of RagaMuffins began in 2009 when I added Bon Bon, a sable and white RagaMuffin, to my home full of  adored rescue cats. I was hooked immediately. Two years later, iCandy RagaMuffins was born. I began my adventure of exhibiting  in Cat Fanciers’ Association shows, making friends, learning the lingo and loving every minute. RagaMuffin cats are special without a doubt. The sweet personality, the easy to live with temperament, the robust health along with the array of beautiful colors and wonderful rabbit-like coats make them an ideal pet. Breeding these spectacular animals has been a journey filled with pride, learning and love. 

RagaMuffins are known as the teddy bear of the cat world. These stunning, sweet cats are truly eye candy! iCandy RagaMuffins is committed to healthy, happy cats and is designated a CFA Cattery of Excellence.  I am a member of the RagaMuffin Cat Fanciers, the Empire Cat Club,  the Central Pennsylvania Cat Fanciers and the RagaMuffin Breed Council. iCandy RagaMuffin kittens are known for successful show careers as well as special family pets; iCandy has earned the title CFA Cattery of Distinction.


The April 2022 edition of CAT TALK, the official Cat Fanciers Association magazine,  featured iCandy Raisinette on the cover and an article about GC BWR RW iCandy Pixi Stix!


 About Me:

I grew up a serious animal lover, always having cats and horses around me. As a teenager and young adult I competed in horse shows, was active in 4H, was the Virginia Quarter Horse Association Queen and then did some local horse show judging. After attending veterinary school, I continued with my interest in equine activities while practicing small animal medicine. I bred a few horses before my interest turned to Labradors. 

I got my first Labrador Retriever while still in veterinary school. Years later, in 1995, I acquired my first show dog and Canterbury Tails Labradors was born. Twenty five years of actively breeding and competing in the dog show world led me to becoming an American Kennel Club judge.

Joining the cat fancy was an easy transition. Having always loved cats, showing and breeding RagaMuffins was a natural next step. I am passionate about these precious cats; showing the world what a wonderful breed the RagaMuffin is through exhibiting my cats is an important part of my program. iCandy RagaMuffins is the home of numerous CFA Grand Champions, Regional Winners and Breed Winners. But, the most important job of each and every kitten raised here is to be a beloved companion.   Ethical breeding is the hallmark of the iCandy program.    

Sara T Thornton DVM

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