Scams are everywhere on the Internet. Many sites will appear to have kittens for sale and, in reality, are just looking for fast money. They steal photos and even paragraphs from legitimate breeders’ websites. They may make false claims to be a member of clubs or associations! I recommend checking with the organization listed to see if a breeder is legitimate. In addition to websites, social media pages may be scams. Ones listed as a {breed of cat} for Adoption or Rehoming is a common phrase used.

In addition to the scams that have no kittens, there are breeders that sell kittens that are not authentic RagaMuffins. In the USA, RagaMuffins must be registered with CFA , ACFA or GCCF to be a  “real” RagaMuffin. Another organization, TICA,  registers mixed breed cats as RagaMuffins.  RagaMuffin breeders like iCandy support only pedigreed, carefully bred RagaMuffin cats. Detailed info is available in this article: