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Jolly Rancher’s Great Adventure

  Last week, I got up as usual in the morning, started my rounds of feeding and cleaning litter boxes throughout the house. I finished up and realized I had not seen Jolly Rancher. That happens sometimes if a kitty is sleeping in. My usual action is to look around at all the

Jolly Rancher’s Great Adventure2023-05-25T20:52:21+00:00

The Fabulous Feline Festival 2023

  RagaMuffin Cat Fanciers joined with two other cat clubs the fourth weekend in April to produce the Fabulous Feline Festival at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center. To say it was a lot of work is an understatement. The preparation and planning took months. It required a team of people putting forth an effort to

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The Next Generation

Late winter and early spring this year turned into a time of goodbyes. You see, it is retirement time for a number of RagaMuffins. I hate this more than anything else about breeding. I love these cats. But, when they are done showing/ breeding, I want what is best for them. And for most of

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  I am both a veterinarian and a breeder. I have been both a long time. I have been a licensed veterinarian for almost forty years. I bred a few horses many years ago, then bred Labrador Retrievers for almost 25 years. Now, I have been breeding RagaMuffins for more than eight years. Sometimes the


RagaMuffin Coats

GC BWR RW iCandy Fudge Ripple- an excellent example of length, texture, and density of coat.   The CFA RagaMuffin breed standard calls for a coat that is medium to medium long in length with the texture being soft, dense and silky.  Sounds great doesn’t it? The truth is there is a spectrum

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Developing Consistency

When I got my first RagaMuffin, one of the things I noticed on RagaMuffin breeder websites is that none of the cats looked alike. Coming from a background of pedigreed dogs, I found that odd. But, after consideration, I realized that this breed was still in development.  When I made the decision to throw my

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Kitten In Trouble

  I bought a cute small cat tree on the Black Friday sales on Amazon last year.  It was a mushroom, a butterfly and a flower, with the primary color being pink. I thought kittens would love it! When it came, I put it together. It was relatively sturdy for the price and size. What

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Going for the Grand

  Earlier this year, RagaMuffin iCandy Raisinette went to shows looking to earn points for her grand championship. It is a mountain to climb for sure. Coming from the dog world, it is very different. In the dog world, the title of champion is quite an accomplishment. It takes a good dog and judges that

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Complicated Litter Plans

  I recently bred iCandy Toffee Crunch to Adoremuffins Walnut. I think they will make awesome RagMuffin kittens. But the expected litter has a downside. You see, Toffee has type B blood. She is my only cat with this. Most cats are type A, some AB. In order to safely breed a type B female

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Planning a Breeding Program

  Putting together and developing a RagaMuffin breeding program is much more than buying a male and a female and allowing them to mate. There are a number of different factors to consider. First is always health. Starting with vigorous individuals with clear health testing (Health Clearances), current vaccinations and regular parasite control is vital.

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