There is more to breeding animals than most people realize. First is starting with top quality animals with health, temperament and breed type being imperative. Then it is providing those animals with the best life possible, meeting social, medical and physical needs. Planning a breeding between two outstanding and complimentary individuals with appropriate health clearances is the ultimate challenge. Birthing the litter, maintaining at risk neonates, providing sanitation, nutrition and socialization are part of the process.

I have been breeding Labradors for over 20 years. Six years ago, I began breeding pedigreed RagaMuffin cats. I have met and made many friends through this avocation. I have provided families with healthy, loving pets. Many have come back to me for a second, third or even fourth pet. One of my tenants of breeding is to always be there if an animal I bred needs me.

Over the years, I have had four Labradors returned. Two were due to divorce, one was due to an owner’s death and the fourth was due to family issues. I am so glad these dogs came back. They were all lovely dogs who were able to go to new homes and live happy lives. More recently I got a call from a person who had adopted two kittens from me. The owner was ill and could not take care of the cats. He asked me to come get them and I did. Those two cats were well loved and cared for. I am so glad the owner cared enough to make sure they were safe. I brought the cats home with me and quickly found a new adoring home for them.

Some people are surprised when I do what I need to do for these animals. It is my duty and I know other breeders that feel the same way and would do the same thing in a heartbeat. We also help each other out. When the Labrador owner passed, a close friend of mine went to pick up the dog and took it to her house and then I went to retrieve the dog from her. Good breeders will do what needs to be done.