I have not been to a cat show since February 2020 due to the pandemic. While there have been a few shows scheduled more recently, I have not considered going until now since I am feeling more confident with a current vaccination status.

So, I entered RagaMuffin cats in an upcoming show. I had to remind myself how to fill out the entry. I’ve made a list of things I need to do the week before.  I’ve kept up with nail clips and combing, but not baths.  The good news is that now that I have retired from work, I will not be in a time crunch during the week to prepare.

I already pulled out my show shelters to air them out after being stored for so long. I also washed the bedding that I put in the shelters.  Today, I hosed the shelters off and left them in the sun to dry. I took a picture to brag to my friend that I was on the ball. She replied that it looked like a tiny circus. I realized…..she’s not wrong.

tiny circus

And what better way to describe a cat show? It’s loud, with people talking, cats meowing and the speakers constantly calling numbers for cats to go to judging rings. A show is certainly flamboyant, with lots of creative cage and ring decorations. And the people…..well, let’s just say, they can be colorful too!

While patting myself on the back that I got the shelters freshened up and the laundry done…I peak out the window, only to see my barn cat Waffles back up and spray on one of the shelters. I’m thinking he is not impressed.