A while back, I learned of the title that the Cat Fanciers’ Association awards to breeders that successfully show the cats they have bred. It is called Cattery of Distinction. There is a gradation of tiers that the award has. The first level is when a cattery has breed ten Grands ( Premier or Champions). When Strudel earned enough points to be a Grand Champion last weekend, it also meant that iCandy RagaMuffins became a Cattery of Distinction!

A Grand Champion is awarded when a cat earns 200 points in shows. A Grand Premiership is awarded when a spayed/neutered cat earns 75 points. Each title is a challenge. I am proud that iCandy has produced eight Grand Champions along with 3 Grand Premiers. I have also shown RagaMuffin cats from other breeders and gotten Grand Championships with those cats. For a look at all the Grands iCandy has played a role in, follow this link  https://ragamuffinkittens.site/cfa-grands/ .