It’s an exciting time when a new RagaMuffin kitten joins the household. A bit of planning will help things go smoothly and reduce the stress for the new kitten as well as any existing pets.

The first thing to consider is a place where the new kitten will go for a couple of weeks to get used to new people, smells, sounds and household activities. A spare bedroom works well, set up with a litter box, food and water. Kitten proofing electric wires and blind cords along with vacating any plants is essential in keeping the new family member safe.

When I get a new RagaMuffin kitten or cat, I put it in my guest room for 14 days. I generally sleep in there as well so the kitty can bond with me. I spend time playing with it every day to as moving to a new house is so stressful for any animal. The play helps relax cats.

The response a kitten or adult has to new family and home may vary. In every case, the animal has left its familiar environment behind. Remember, kitties don’t even know the rest of the world exists. Kitties have no clue there are so many people in the world; they sound different, look different and smell different. It’s a wonder that all cats do not have a meltdown when being rehomed.

So what can a new RagaMuffin owner expect when bringing home their adorable fluff? It varies greatly from between individuals. While some kittens and adults may walk into a new home and family and immediately take over as king, others may be worried about leaving home, their old family (humans and cats) and starting over.

Accepting the less confident kitten/adult and helping it be more comfortable is easy. A new RagaMuffin owner will likely end up with a sweet, affectionate kitty that is adored. It is not unusual for the new feline to find a hiding spot immediately in its new environment. Often, that is under bed. No big deal. Give the cat time to adjust and think about its surroundings. Most likely, by evening it will be sneaking out to explore a bit. If you are sleeping in the room, you may wake up to a kitty on the bed investigating you.

Don’t force yourself on the new RagaMuffin, whether adult or kitten. Let it relax and come to you. You may wish to sit on the floor with a teaser toy and give the cat something to watch as you bounce it around. Who knows, he/she may decide it is just too tempting and attack the toy. Also, just sitting on the floor, reading or playing on a tablet can give the curious kitty some time to evaluate you without the pressure a forceful interaction adds.

It may take minutes, hours or days for a cat to become comfortable. Having patience and allowing the RagaMuffin to take its time will pay off in a trusting, loving relationship.