Crinkle’s story seemed to have an effect on so many. After a month of struggling to get his appetite up to par, he is finally eating well.  With medication and a plethora of types of food, he turned a corner. Since his feeding tube came out, I became one of those people with more opened cans of cat food in the refrigerator than human food. I offered him 5-6 meals a day. He would only eat if the food was warmed. He would only eat if I stood there next to him. He would only eat if I kept the food in the middle of the dish. Yet, with all this, he was only eating enough to sustain, but not to gain. Four weeks after his rescue, he had not gained weight, although it was apparent he felt much better.

At the 4 week mark, he got more enthusiastic about food. Of course, this happened right after I ordered enough cat food in different flavors and types to fill Fort Knox. But, all that food won’t go to waste! I am so relieved he is eating better. He was about 30% underweight with a body condition score of one out of five.  He gained a pound during his fifth week post rescue!

Another breakthrough occurred right before his appetite returned. Crinkle played!! I got out Da Bird one night and his eyes lit up and we had a rousing game that included another cat, Jigsaw. He tired quickly, but it was obvious the old guy had a great time. And, so did I.

At almost the five week mark, I walked into the kitchen in time to see him attempt a jump on the counter. He almost made it. Jumping on the counter is not against the rules at my house. He saw me and panicked. Fear was all over his face. I can only think he was having a flashback as he ran and hid. I went to him and stood a distance away and simply talked to him.  It made me sad to see him so frightened.

Everybody loves a good ending. I don’t know how long Crinkle will be with me. His body suffered a lot of damage with starvation. My goal is to keep him happy and healthy as long as I can. He continues to inspire me with his attitude and graciousness. The other animals have accepted him seamlessly. The wound on his tail is slowly healing. I hope the wounds in his soul from abandonment can also heal.