My oldest dog Twinkle is fifteen years old today. That’s really old for a Labrador Retriever. She has certainly aged in the last year. It happens. There is no cure for old age. My job is to keep her as comfortable as possible with pain control (you know, those aches and pains that come with old age), good nutrition and weight management, and mental stimulation.

She has been blind for half of her life. She has also been deaf for a year or two. She has a fantastic sense of smell to make up for the loss of those other senses. She likes to dig in the yard; I think she enjoys the smells that digging produces. She likes it when I throw kibble on the floor so she has to sniff her way around to consume every small piece. She likes it when Puzzles, one of the cats, snuggles up to her for a nap.

It’s been years since Twinkle was a competition dog. She earned her AKC championship with ease. She was a natural in the show ring. She was also a natural in the field and earned her Junior Hunter title at a young age. After titling in AKC obedience, Twinkle retired. Her failing eye sight made it more difficult for her. She enjoyed competition, but she learned to love the couch. That is where she spends much of her time these days.
Champion Willcare’s Shooting Star JH CD is a good dog. She always has been. Every day she is still with me is a gift.