RagaMuffin show cat

Smartie shows off for the judge.

Last weekend was a fun show in Maryland. It was the first time Smartie was in championship class, having paid her dues in kitten class. It was also the first time out for Pixi Stix in premiership. It’s her  fourth career after kitten class, championship class and then motherhood. I’ve stated before, one of the best things about cat shows is spending time with my cat crazy friends. We set up near each other so we can chat and help each other out if the need arises.

Last weekend, I was busy toting both cats back and forth to the rings. They were having a good show, which meant extra trips for judges’ finals. On one particular trip I was headed back to my designated kitty area and found friend Michelle of Belcanto Cattery wrangling Smartie. My first thought was that Smartie had been called to a ring and I didn’t hear it and Michelle was taking her for me. But, no, that did not turn out to be the case.

Michelle told me that she saw Smartie loose in the show hall, laying on another cat’s tent! She recognized her and grabbed her so my delinquent kitty would be safe. My first thought was that I had failed to zip the front of the tent up when I took Pixi Stix out as they were confined together. Nope, front was securely zipped. But, on further inspection, the side was NOT zipped up. Now, it has to be stated that the side NEVER gets unzipped. The only reason there is a zipper there is so two tents can be zipped together for a cavernous space.  RagaMuffin Smartie figured out the zipper and let herself out for a walk.

iCandy Smartie has earned herself some cute zipper locks on her tent from now on.