I blogged several weeks ago about planning a party that includes dogs. I do this every year. Yesterday was the big day this year. My dogs were present along with my youngest dog’s BFF and the neighbor dogs. A couple of newcomers to the party scene were present. Both are young adorable mixed breed dogs named Biscuit. What a coincidence! Both Biscuits were great additions to the party. Neither had been to a doggie party before. Their owners took their time introducing them to the people and dogs present.

Big Biscuit and Little Biscuit, as we came to call them, adjusted to the excitement well. I’m not sure, but we may have a new set of doggie best friends. All the dogs got along famously and enjoyed playing chase, running in the stream, and fetching a stick or two. I am pretty sure the whole group of them was tired afterwards. I know my dogs were…and I was as well!

It is lots of fun to watch dogs interact. They all have their own favorite games. Jubilee likes chase, but not tackle. Visa likes getting wet in the stream, Brio and Orchid like chase and knock down. The Biscuits seemed to like everything. My old blind dog Twinkle did not join in the play, but she did enjoy the stream and the petting. There were a couple of regulars missing. Two of the dogs that usually come are getting older and having orthopedic issues. Their owners made the wise decision to leave them home in order to spare them injury.

No people were injured either. Maybe a bit of mud on clothes, one child knocked, down, and a few close calls of a pack of dogs running close to human knees.  I might be a little weird. But, I sure do like this kind of party better than any stuffy cocktail party!