At the time of this writing, Grand Champion Gentlepurrs Solo Purrsuit of iCandy is four days overdue to have her kittens. I know this is OK. I’m trying to convince myself that what I know is correct. I can’t help but have seeds of doubt and worry.

RagaMuffin Solo seems fine. She is very comfortable. It appears she is expecting a small litter which I realize may spend more time in the uterus than a large litter. I just wish she would hurry up.

When I shake the treat container, Solo is the first to arrive to enjoy the crunchy morsels. It’s been warm, so she spends much of her time relaxing, stretched out beneath the ceiling fans. She has no clue WHY I am checking on her so regularly.

In the boys’ area, Grand Champion Felisophic Sugar Daddy has no idea that I am waiting for him to become a RagaMuffin father for the third time. In all honesty, I don’t think he really cares. The reality is, he is ready to be a father to many more litters as he has opportunity to do so. After all, he is a cat. There is a door in his path that I call the birth control door.

It is now 67 days since Solo’s first breeding. My RagaMuffins almost ALWAYS have their kittens in 63 days. Once, the birth date was post breeding 65 days. I know the text books say up to 72 days. Patience is tough when it comes to this.