At the last cat show I went to, the show hall was dry, very dry. And the cats were full of static.  My cats, especially Solo, were getting shocked by me and the judges. I carry products just for this but nothing seemed to do the job. I wasn’t the only person with this issue. A friend that has been showing for years said she had never had static on her cats previously.

I borrowed products from other exhibitors. Some worked better than others. One of the issues with using any product is that you don’t want residue on your cat’s coat when they are judged. Water helped….a spray mist of Evian from my neighbor before each ring. It was very temporary.

I came home from the show and purchased more products to carry with me. I may have gone overboard just a bit. My grooming bag now has 5 small travel sized spray bottles of products to use just for static. By the way, my suitcase has one hair product for me…….”
I’d be interested to know what others have found to be helpful for this.