RagaMuffin cat

Pixi Stix debuts in her first ring after a long break from shows,



Anybody who is familiar with me and my RagaMuffins knows that I get teary eyed and weak in the knees when the name Pixi Stix comes up. Pixi Stix knows this as well. GC RW BWR PR iCandy Pixi Stix has me wrapped around her magnificent paw. Why? She has that certain something. She is not my most affectionate cat. Nor is she my most social cat. She is, however, arguably, my most beautiful cat and takes full advantage of the affect she has on me and others. If her royal highness wants it, she gets it.

Pixi Stix had a successful kitten career, earning a regional win in CFA. She also earned her grand championship title in a hurry at eight months of age. On more than one occasion she was high scoring kitten/cat in show. I adore all my cats. But, with this cat, I am over the top. She earned another regional win and went on to start the next phase of her career. She had some lovely kittens, one that stayed here at iCandy and a couple that went to other RagaMuffin catteries.

She had a short break when she returned to the show ring a couple of years ago. I wanted her to work on her next title, a grand of distinction, which requires a number of judges finals in each of three show seasons. She looked good and we went to one of the first shows when they started back up after COVID. Most judges are wonderful handlers. Kind, gentle handling is important to keep kitties happy at a show.

At this first show back, Pixi Stix was removed from the judging cage in one ring by a judge pulling her out by her front legs. I was stunned. That was a terrible error in handling. I regret not standing up for my cat when I saw it happen. I was so surprised, I was speechless. After that ring, my beautiful kitty got a bit feisty when judges returned her to the cage. She slapped a couple of them and added a hiss for good measure. At that time, she was a hormonal girl, so judges tended to write this off as hormones. She did earn the number of rings needed for that season with mostly good behavior.

She returned to breeding. This year, after having a solo kitten in the fall, I decided it was time to end her breeding career. At five, she was healthy, but breeding always comes with some risk, especially as the queen ages, so I decided to spay her and return her to the ring once she was back in show condition.

In addition to her spay surgery, Pixi Stix had some dental work done. When healed up, her coat grew in and she was ready. I had my fingers crossed that she would enjoy being back at the shows. She got her show bath and blow dry and was packed up in the car with Smartie for a show in Maryland. She definitely remembered the joys of being in a hotel, even climbing under the bed so I would have to retrieve her.

It was time to go to the show. I knew right away she was back in full form. She was excited in her show tent, seemingly rearing to go. In her first ring, she zoomed right up the scratching pole for the judge. I just about burst into happy tears. Pixi Stix  had a good day, rolling around in the grooming area and snacking on Churu squeeze-up treats. As the weekend progressed, she earned finals from every judge and ended the show with over half the points she needs for to be a Grand Premier.

She was tired after returning home. She spent Monday napping in a more private cat tree than she usually chooses. But, on Tuesday she was back in her regular favorite spot, the place where she gets pets on demand. Pixi Stix is certainly a diva. I love her that way. After all, I have her portrait hanging to be seen as soon as one walks in my house!

See you at the shows!