One of the tricky things about being a breeder is planning in advance for cat shows or other events that lead me out of town.  It’s not convenient to have to plan, but it is necessary.

If I see a show post within an easy driving distance with at least some judges that  generally like my cats, I would likely delay a breeding so kittens would not be due while I would be away. That could mean putting a planned breeding off for weeks or even months.

It’s not different for my family reunion, a Labrador judging assignment or a veterinary job that would occupy me for a weekend or a day. Even though I am for the most part retired, I still do things that commit my time. I would rather put off a breeding to ensure that I will be home for the birth than risk being absent. After all, I always hope queening will go smoothly, but there is a chance of complications.

As far as caring for kittens, I am very fortunate that I can count on a person that worked for me in my veterinary practice for a number of years. She is willing to housesit and take care of babies as well as adults. An added bonus is her toddler often comes with her to play with the kitties!