It all started with pictures of an adorable RagaMuffin litter. After having purchased a pet RagaMuffin from Kathy Hyneman of Kaerik Rags two years previously, I had decided I wanted to try my hand at showing a cat. They were all beautiful. Kathy pointed me to the silver classic tabby male. There was something special about that kitten.  Not only did he excel in breed type, his personality simply stood out.

After much debate, I named him Nougat. Kathy and I always debate over name choices. I think mine are great; she generally disagrees. She did what good breeders do, socialized him and got him used to nail clips and bathing to prep him for a show career.  Kaerik Canterbury Nougat eventually came home with me. I was excited to start this new venture.

Nougat’s first show was an ACFA show in Florida with his breeder. I was over the moon when I learned he ended up high scoring kitten in show. I couldn’t wait to start showing him in CFA.

Meanwhile, I got needed encouragement and support from a veteran of CFA, Diane Castor. I knew Diane’s daughter from showing Labradors. Diane is a retired successful breeder and exhibitor of gorgeous Himalayans. Her help was invaluable in meeting people at the shows and learning the ropes.

It’s been an adventure with Nougat. Showing him as kitten, I learned how to groom. (actually, that is an ongoing process.) I learned that one does not take the ribbons the judge puts on your cat’s cage in class judging.  The ring clerk had to chase me down at the first show.  When Nougat graduated to Championship, he was a two show grand. I didn’t know that was a big deal. I haven’t had a two show grand since. He became a Breed Winner when I didn’t know what that was!

Nougat went on to breed a handful of litters at Kaerik Rags. Then he was neutered and graduated to Premiership. Somewhere in that period, I developed the penchant of dressing the poor cat in outfits at shows. Nougat, the epitome of patience, would sit on his grooming table dressed as Santa, a pumpkin or a myriad of other characters and allow spectators and other exhibitors to photograph him.

Nougat was a two show Grand Premier. I continued to show him, learning about Regional Wins. I made friends like Jim and Teresa Land, Pa