Every year I fire up the oven, get out the cookie sheets and proceed with holiday baking. I know a lot of people that do the same thing. Mine is a bit different though. Instead of the usual snickerdoodles, chocolate chip, etc., I bake liver brownies. Yes, liver brownies. If you Google liver brownies, you will get about 500, 000 hits for recipes. Honestly, the dogs don’t care which is chosen.

I start by defrosting the liver that my hunter friends have saved for me after deer season. I make batches of them for canine gifts and to freeze at my house. I have a favorite recipe (as it is the easiest). I use about one pound of liver, a box of corn bread mix, an egg and some salt. All goes in the food processor until fairly smooth. Then I spread it thickly on a sprayed cookie sheet. I cook it for maybe thirty minutes at 350. Voila! A treat every dog will love. This year I ran out of muffin mix before I was done, so used the quick oats I had in the cabinet. No big deal.

After cooling, I cut them up and store them in zip lock bags. They look just like the chocolate brownies that people enjoy. So……when I take them to a friend’s house, I make it very clear what they are, or they might be in for a rude surprise!