2 years1It’s been almost two years since Praline and Sprinkles entered my life. It’s a bit of a bizarre tale. I got a call one morning from the office that a couple from Maine had walked in the door. They were  camping nearby. They found an injured mommy cat with three kittens at the campground. It just so happens that these people worked with a pet rescue in Maine. But, there was a complication…they were on their way to a wedding in the Philadelphia area and would not be able to take the feline family with them. They wanted the mother treated and would pick them up on their way home.

So we kept the hungry family at the hospital. Over the phone, I was told two of the kittens were long haired calicos. OMG. I was smitten before meeting them. You see, I ADORE long haired calicos. I already had two at home. But, having entered the crazy cat lady league, I decided I would only meet them and maybe keep one. Well, no surprise, I kept both baby kitties. They were (and are) lovely creatures. Their mom and brother went home with big hearted clients and are beloved pets. So, it was indeed a happy ending for these cats.

I know it doesn’t end up this way most of the time. My heart aches for those litters that are dumped. I can’t fathom what is going through peoples’ minds when they leave cats or dogs behind. I also get a pit in my gut when I imagine what the animal is thinking. How awful.

But, on the bright side, I love both Praline and Sprinkles. They are delightful kitties, full of personality and sweetness. When they2 years were young, they were sucklers. Sprinkles would nurse incessantly on my ear lobe and Praline would nurse on my neck. I would try to unhook them. Praline was so insistent that her mouth would “pop” off when I removed her from my skin. I had kitten hickies. Yes, you read that right. I had little tiny bruises on my neck. Sprinkles wasn’t so attached to my ear lobe, but I still had to struggle to remove her. They out grew this compulsion, although Praline still nuzzles and Sprinkles licks my ear lobe (by the way, she prefers the right lobe.)

I feel like all my secrets are out. Yes, I am obsessed with cats. And yes, I have had ear sucking cats; honestly, I’ve had a total of three of them. Two years after Praline and Sprinkles came into my life, I want to thank the people that rescued them. I don’t remember their names. If you are out there reading this….thank you for walking in to the veterinary hospital just south of Pottsville with these cats. I know you didn’t know the owner was a crazy cat lady, but it was a nice coincidence.




Photo on left is Sprinkles

Photo on right is Praline