Can you believe it’s been a year since Crinkle was rescued on that hot summer day, dying in a parking lot? It was a tough time, taking a couple of months of intensive treatment to get him healthy.  He survived against the odds for sure. I get asked frequently how he is doing. After all, he has been the subject of three previous blogs. He has become, well, sort of a celebrity.

Crinkle is doing great. He is fat and happy. Yes, I said fat. More than chubby. And, yes, I am concerned his obesity will lead to health problems. He is a big round orange ball that waddles around the house. He seems to have leveled off recently, and I am hoping that is a good sign. For a while, I thought he might explode into bits and pieces of cat debris flying through the air.10 months

He is the picture of contentment, whether he is sitting in my lap purring or laying in another of his favorite spots. His bent ear lends him character and reminds us of his previous life. The knot on his tail, the remnant of his maggot infested wound, is another ever present reminder. He seems to have gotten past all that.

I sure would like to know his story. I’ve even thought about calling a pet psychic to get a reading. But, then, I think maybe it is better he keeps his secrets. He’s dealt with his past and there’s no reason I need to agonize over it as well.