Crinkle is now 11 weeks past his rescue from starvation. He is a house cat that enjoys napping on couches and beds. He has met his goal weight of twelve pounds and is thinking about attaining more (we are having discussions about that!). He loves to join the games every night of Da Bird and Fling-ama-string (it’s a real cat toy). Most of all, he loves me. He sleeps with me, sits with me, follows me.

This recovered tabby is now a healthy robust cat. Crinkle can jump on anything he desires. He has no parasites, no wounds or infections. His relationship with other cats is peaceful enough. His relationship with the dogs is simple…he is the boss. He is a happy camper.

One change I see as he has gotten well is his reversion to fear around people. While he obviously trusts me and is comfortable around me, he now is suspicious of other people. He hides or runs when friends want to see him. Everybody wants to see him in person to see how much better he looks, but he is not interested in showing off the “new Crinkle”. I suspect this change is due to his memories of life on the streets and survival.

As are many people, I am delighted at his recovery. I never expected to have a new buddy in the form of a well used cat. Crinkle, welcome back to life.