It’s been a year since I attended a cat show. Part of me really misses them. I miss spending time with my friends. I miss having the judges evaluate my RagaMuffins. But, even though there have been a handful of shows, I haven’t been ready to step out in the corona virus world of uncertainty.

So what have I done during the past twelve months? Well, many of you know I sold my veterinary practice and retired in January. Much time prior to that was spent in preparation of the sale. I am enthusiastically retired for the last month. Lots of closet cleaning and other projects have been accomplished.

So while the cat shows have been on hiatus,  I’ve had the opportunity to work harder than ever on breeding beautiful, healthy, loving cats that are exceptional examples of the RagaMuffin breed.  I decided to retire Jelly Belly, Smidgen, Fudgie and Sugar Daddy from breeding, three of whom are Grand Champions.  The two females were bred once each, Sugar Daddy was bred three times, Fudgie was the most prolific. All contributed greatly to iCandy RagaMuffins.

I brought in two males in the late fall. Kahlua was born here, went to SantaCats RagaMuffins for his first breeding opportunities and then returned here to continue. In addition, I had the opportunity to obtain Walnut from Adoremuffins. Walnut is both the son and grandson of iCandy bred RagaMuffins.

I kept three lovely RagaMuffin kittens as well. Sugar Baby is the oldest, a stunning sable patched tabby and white female. She missed showing in the ring due to COVID. Milk Dud also was unable to make her debut. The solid sable and white female has awesome green eyes and an over the top personality. The final “keeper” is Jolly Rancher , a silver mctabby and white male that has the precious expression that is so treasured. With any luck, he will get to see some judges in the near future.

I love being able to spend more time with all my animals. The cats were the co-recipients of my retirement gift to myself. I treated them (and me) to a fabulous artistically made cat tree.