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North Atlantic Regional Banquet

Pixi Stix's 2018-2019 regional trophies   Every June, it’s time for the big event.  Cat show people gather  to celebrate the previous season. This year the NAR ( North Atlantic Region) chose to hold the event in Cromwell, Connecticut. It’s further away than I generally travel, but, my Pixi Stix was getting two

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Jelly Belly Had Kittens

        My sweet twenty-one month old CFA Grand Champion iCandy Jelly Belly was due for her first litter this week. Her due date was Tuesday. Monday morning she was acting a bit different and went in the nesting box , joining another litter of kittens and their mother. By two PM she

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My First CFA Regional Awards

    The last half of the 2013/2014 cat show season was busy six months for me at the cat shows. I missed the first half of the season, but then took out my Grand Champion, Kaerik Canterbury Nougat as a premier. Premier is the category at cat shows that is made up of the

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Pet Transportation Safety

  a crate can be a nice place to nap too!   Most of us wear seat belts in the car. At least, I know I do. How much thought do you put into the safety of your pets in the car? With any luck, nothing will happen, but what if there is

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I’m a Pathetic Cat Mom

Some years back, I took RagaMuffins Ganache and Nougat to a photo shoot  for litter packaging. I checked regularly to see if the litter was out and was just about ready to give up. Then, I saw litter packaging that had two cats similar in looks to mine with a similar background as our photo

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Jelly Belly Grands!

    It was a good weekend at the cat show in the Philadelphia area. My eighteen month old RagaMuffin Jelly Belly was very close to earning her CFA Grand Championship after her last show. Her career had picked up speed recently and she had earned quite a few points in the last couple of

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Bird vs RagaMuffins

  As I do most nights, last night I was sitting in the den on my computer waiting for time to feed the horses. My youngest RagaMuffin Sugar Daddy went running across the room looking up. Another cat did the same. I looked up as well, knowing that it was probably going  to be something

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Entering the World of Pedigreed Cats and Cat Shows

When I turned 50, I decided I wanted a purebred cat for the first time in my life. I had rescues over the years that were beautiful, wonderful cats, but I wanted a cat bred for specific looks and temperament.  I chose the RagaMuffin breed and waited two years for my kitten. Kaerik Rags Bon

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What’s It Like To Live With a RagaMuffin?

Living with a RagaMuffin is like living with a breathing, squishy, silky throw pillow. While they do have a playful side, their favorite pastime is, well, hanging out. They like nothing better than being petted and loved on. My first show cat GC GPD RW BW Kaerik Canterbury Nougat is a wonderful example of the

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