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Feline Terminology

    Did you know that a group of cats is called a clowder? Another name for it is a glaring. Like other animals, specific terminology is used when referring to kitties. Most people know that a juvenile cat is called a kitten. An old term for a kitten is catling!  A litter of kittens

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Show Bath for RagaMuffins

CH AW iCandy Gertrude Hawk When a person decides to show their RagaMuffin cat, learning how to properly bathe that cat is essential. Hopefully, a kitten has had practice baths and blow dries at the breeder when young. I always make sure my iCandy kittens get at least a couple of baths prior

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COVID-19 and No Cat Shows

It’s been a year since I attended a cat show. Part of me really misses them. I miss spending time with my friends. I miss having the judges evaluate my RagaMuffins. But, even though there have been a handful of shows, I haven’t been ready to step out in the corona virus world of uncertainty.

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iCandy RagaMuffin Kitten Waitlist

At iCandy RagaMuffin cats, there is almost always a waitlist for a kitten or retired adult.  One of the most frequent questions I get is “if I fill out an application, where will I be on the waitlist?” or “how long will it be until I get a kitten?”  Honestly, I don’t have a way

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First Week of Retirement Plans

Closing on my practice was delayed for a week. So, I have seven extra days to think about what I am going to do that first week. First, I am still responsible for up to ninety days for the hospital. It doesn’t mean I have to be there, it just means I have to be

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My New Year’s Resolution

  I am generally pretty good about scheduling things: dentist, hairdresser, oil change, etc. Pet care has been second nature as well. Heartworm prevention, flea and tick control,  wellness exams are all done on time and routinely. Doggie nail trims, kitten nail trims and equine hoof trims (and dentistry) are all performed on a fixed

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Black Friday Deals

  I knew it would happen. I was just waiting for it. Wednesday before Thanksgiving I started checking the online sites for great deals on cat food, treats and litter. I planned on stocking up. After all, I have a lot of mouths to feed. Years ago, I would have been looking for other items,

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Kitten Spay/Neuter

One topic that comes up when I get inquiries about kittens is the fact I spay and neuter all my RagaMuffin kittens before they go to their homes. Many modern breeders are doing the same. Occasionally, I have a potential kitten adopter concerned about surgery on such a young kitten. It’s a fair question. The

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  Occasionally I am asked about the origin of one of my RagaMuffin’s names. It’s simple…..they are all named after something sweet. I think it is appropriate, as nothing is sweeter than a RagaMuffin. It all started with my very first RagaMuffin, Bon Bon. He was a sable boy that quickly became the apple of


Teaser Addiction

  When I go to cat shows (pre-COVID), I can’t help but peruse the cat teasers at the vendors. There are so many different types. Feathers, noise makers, fur pieces, ribbons, beads, tiny fake bugs and more. Every cat responds differently to teasers. Many have a favorite. RagaMuffins being cats,  may love one style this

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