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The Kittens are Coming!

    The excitement grows as the queen’s belly expands. Normal pregnancy in cats averages 65 days.  Larger litters tend to have a bit shorter gestations, while extremes can be from 54 to 74 days. As the kittens grow in the uterus, fetal cortisol increases to a threshold which triggers a cascade of events including

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Sugar Daddy Had An Echo

      Recently, I took Grand Champion Felisophic Sugar Daddy for a trip in his carrier. This time, it was not to a cat show. This time it was for an echocardiogram.  You see, an echocardiogram is the definitive way to ensure a cat does not have Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM). While RagaMuffin Sugar Daddy

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Fun With Fanny Farmer

iCandy Fanny Farmer at 4 months   RagaMuffin kitten iCandy Fanny Farmer is six months old now. As a small kitten she had “the look”. As she grew, I became more convinced that she would have what it takes to be a show cat. At her first show, she was relaxed in the

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Canned Food Warmer For Pets

  I was sitting around chatting at a cat show with friends recently when one mentioned having a canned food heater that she used to make the food more attractive for her cats. I had never heard of such a thing! A quick Google search revealed that, yes, there existed an Animal’s Instinct Pet Food

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Remarkable Weekend at the Cat Show

Last weekend was the annual Santa Paws CFA cat show in the Baltimore, Maryland area. I go to this show every year, not because I expect to win a lot as it is a tough show, but because it is a fun time. I enjoy hanging out with friends, cheering each other along. The show

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The Heated Bed

    Petals After Thanksgiving sales were too tempting to ignore. I went Internet shopping for my pets. My oldest cat, a rescue named Petals, has arthritis. While she is getting medical treatment, I thought a heated pet bed might helpful as well. Nougat I looked at several that were available.

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Parenting Styles of Queens

    I have been a pedigree cat breeder for a while now. After breeding horses and dogs as well as being a veterinarian for well over thirty years, I doubted I could be in for many surprises. Well, the difference in the queen attitudes toward their families has been startling. I started with Squidgy,

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Static Electricity

  At the last cat show I went to, the show hall was dry, very dry. And the cats were full of static.  My cats, especially Solo, were getting shocked by me and the judges. I carry products just for this but nothing seemed to do the job. I wasn’t the only person with this

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Holiday Safety for Kitties

    Holidays are exciting times in the household. This is stressful for your pet. Keep  your cat’s play time a priority to help reduce the stress. Don’t put off cleaning the litter box! Keeping an eye on your cat’s toilet habits is important. Catching diarrhea or a urinary tract problem early can make the

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Traveling Litter Box

  I found it at last. The perfect traveling litter box is in my grasp. I’ve been traveling and staying in motels with my cats for years.  But, every litter box seems to have a drawback. Cardboard ones can leak,  plastc ones can be awkward to pack and difficult to cleanly empty at the end

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