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Is My Cat a RagaMuffin?

  One of the most common comments I see on Facebook is a cat owner posting a picture of their beloved kitty and asking if it is a RagaMuffin. The answer is virtually always going to be no. Same with other breeds like Maine Coons. Unless you go to a breeder for a pedigreed cat,

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Raisinette’s Last Kitten Show

  In the cat show world kitties can be shown in kitten class from the day they turn 4 months old through the day before they turn 8 months old. Since Raisinette was born on 5/17, it means that she will age out of kitten class today! The top 25 kittens in each region at

Raisinette’s Last Kitten Show2022-07-02T00:56:05+00:00

Final For Raisinette

iCandy Raisinette and judge Kathy Calhoun It was the typical cat show in Morgantown, Pennsylvania. A venue full of cat lovers vying for judges' points for their beloved kitties. I brought three RagaMuffins with me to show. iCandy Jolly Rancher was in championship class; iCandy Raisinette and iCandy Toffee Crunch were in kitten

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But My Cat Won’t Eat That!

  Why are cats so picky? Well, one reason is that cats develop taste preferences very early in life. If a kitten is not exposed to beef, for example, prior to five or six months of age it doesn't really recognize beef as a food item later. It is not just food flavors or ingredients

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Heart Disease in Cats

  I recently had an inquiry from someone interested in acquiring a RagaMuffin kitten from me. Pretty typical email. When I responded with general information that I always respond with including waitlist information, price, testing including echocardiograms on the parents, and other details, I got a surprising response. It appears the inquirer got the impression

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The Amazing Raisinette

RagaMuffin iCandy Raisinette at Cotton States Last weekend I took a trip to Atlanta for the Cotton States cat show. I've always heard what a great show it is, but have never made it there. I decided at the airport this was the year to go. A cat show friend (and

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Senior Cat Dental Woes

  My RagaMuffin Nougat is ten years old now. He has always been happy and healthy. Long retired from the show ring, he is not retired from the couch or the cat yard. Like all my cats, he gets regular grooming including nail clips and comb outs. Once a year, they each get a formal

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Learning is Forever

  Now that I have sold my veterinary practice, I want to maintain my license so I can help out another veterinarian if the need arises and do the routine care of my own animals. To keep my license, I need to continue taking approved continuing education. It has never been an issue for me

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So Ya Wanna Be a RagaMuffin Breeder?

  A number of years back, I was emailed a handout to help explain to people about the challenges involved with breeding RagaMuffins or any other  cats. This was meant to eliminate surprises new breeders may encounter. The goal is to help one decide whether or not breeding is an adventure to pursue. I have

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Windsor Brave and Loving

Author- Catherine Foldesi                      RagaMuffin lover      We have only had Windsor (iCandy RagaMuffin's Solo and Kahlua) for less than three weeks but in this short time he has captured our hearts more and more each day, and seems to have a power over all of

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