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Kitten Spay/Neuter

One topic that comes up when I get inquiries about kittens is the fact I spay and neuter all my RagaMuffin kittens before they go to their homes. Many modern breeders are doing the same. Occasionally, I have a potential kitten adopter concerned about surgery on such a young kitten. It’s a fair question. The

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  Occasionally I am asked about the origin of one of my RagaMuffin’s names. It’s simple…..they are all named after something sweet. I think it is appropriate, as nothing is sweeter than a RagaMuffin. It all started with my very first RagaMuffin, Bon Bon. He was a sable boy that quickly became the apple of


Teaser Addiction

  When I go to cat shows (pre-COVID), I can’t help but peruse the cat teasers at the vendors. There are so many different types. Feathers, noise makers, fur pieces, ribbons, beads, tiny fake bugs and more. Every cat responds differently to teasers. Many have a favorite. RagaMuffins being cats,  may love one style this

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Showing a RagaMuffin

I sometimes get inquiries from people who have never shown a cat, but are interested in exploring the idea. I encourage the activity, whether with a non-pedigreed cat (yes, there is a division for that) or a pedigreed kitty. It’s a fun way to spend a day or a weekend. Showing is about the cats,

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Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad

Remember the old song lyrics? Well, I have come to the realization they can apply to cats. You see, I recently had an epiphany.  iCandy Smidgen is beautiful: wonderful eyes, fabulous coat and great whisker pads. And she is sweet: a great RagaMuffin mommy who loves a petting. But, she may not be the brightest

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The Joys of Waiting

At the time of this writing, Grand Champion Gentlepurrs Solo Purrsuit of iCandy is four days overdue to have her kittens. I know this is OK. I’m trying to convince myself that what I know is correct. I can’t help but have seeds of doubt and worry. RagaMuffin Solo seems fine. She is

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Health Clearances for RagaMuffin Cats

  As a long time breeder of Labrador Retrievers, I have been utilizing health clearances for breeding animals for many years. It is an important part of breeding. To be a conscientious breeder, one must be aware of possible health issues in any breed and work to avoid issues. The DNA tests available today are

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Parting With a Retired Friend

iCandy GC BWR RW iCandy Fudge Ripple My heart ached last weekend. GC BWR RW iCandy Fudge Ripple, aka Fudgie, went to his retirement home. He has been with me from birth. He is my first home grown Grand Champion, Regional Winner and National Breed Winner RagaMuffin.  I thought he would be with

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New Litter Boxes

  During this time of self isolation, I am doing on line shopping like a lot of other people. Unlike many people, I am buying litter boxes. For some reason, there are good deals with free shipping available. I am focusing on litter boxes with high sides. I am tired of sweeping up what seems

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Living, Breathing, Loving Works of Art

      As a breeder, I have a great responsibility, no matter what life I am producing.  I have bred Quarter Horses, Labrador Retrievers and RagaMuffin cats. I believe my skills have improved over the years. It’s a learning curve for sure. The most important attribute a breeder can have is a clear goal.

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