RagaMuffin kitten


I got an email the other day from the Cat Fanciers Association stating that this issue of Cat Talk magazine would be the last printed version, but subscribers would get it in both printed and digital this month. In the future it would be digital only.

So, I clicked on the link to take a look at the new format. And…I immediately recognized the kitten on the cover. It was my very own iCandy Raisinette! I couldn’t believe it. I even went to the page that identifies the cover photo to be sure I wasn’t making an error. Sure enough, Raisinette is the kitty cover model for the 2022 kitten issue. To say I was thrilled is to put it mildly!

Then, I digitally flipped through the magazine and see photographs of iCandy Pixi Stix. It was a feature article about her! I knew something was coming up, but thought it was a part of an article about how breeders name their cats. I was floored to see the entire page devoted to my adored cat!

After this, I pretty much lost my mind. I texted friends, posted on Instagram, and posted all over Facebook. If I knew how to hire a plane to fly a banner, I probably would have done it. I’m still in shock. RagaMuffins are a rare breed and do not get a tremendous amount of recognition in the cat world. I am very happy for all RagaMuffins and over the moon iCandy RagaMuffin cats were chosen.