When I go to cat shows (pre-COVID), I can’t help but peruse the cat teasers at the vendors. There are so many different types. Feathers, noise makers, fur pieces, ribbons, beads, tiny fake bugs and more. Every cat responds differently to teasers. Many have a favorite. RagaMuffins being cats,  may love one style this time and another the next time.

I like the pink ones. Always. I can’t help myself. I have a substantial collection. My favorite is custom made with my cattery name on the handle. I take far too many to shows. They travel in a poster mailer that has been shortened to keep them from getting squashed. When I unpack at a show, I pull them out and set them in my benching area. Sort of a bouquet of teasers. Sometimes, when I take my RagaMuffin cat out, they pick out their own toy. Sometimes I have to wiggle them around to see what that cat is interested in that day.

Hoping this virus gets under control soon so the cats, the teasers and I can go to some cat shows!