RagaMuffin iCandy Pixi Stix earned her CFA grand championship last weekend at only eight months of age. She started in kitten class (four up to eight months) in December, going to her first show at four and a half months. She was shown sparingly through the winter. While some judges noticed her at the very beginning, others took a bit longer to see her through the crowd of beautiful kittens they evaluated.  Her career picked up steam as she got older. Her final kitten shows had her bringing home lots of ribbons.

Recently, she graduated to the adult class. To say  the judges noticed her is an understatement. She earned her grand championship in record time with judges saying she is the best RagaMuffin they have ever seen. I am very proud of her. But, you know what the best part is? Enjoying the day at the show with my sweet kitty and good friends. My cat fancy friends both near and far have been supportive every step of the way. They identified the special quality of Pixi Stix from the start. Even fellow exhibitors that I have never talked to before noticed her and were generous with compliments.

Pixi Stix is more vocal in the car than any other cat I have ever traveled with. But, once at a hotel, she is happy. For some reason, she loves the hotel tub and sink. It’s weird. But, hey, it makes her happy. Some show venues she likes better than others. She seems to like the more crowded, cozier places. She gets a bit overwhelmed in larger, cavernous places. I plan to keep her preferences in mind when choosing what shows to go to in the future. After all, if Pixi Stix ain’t happy, mama’s not happy.

I am hoping that the pretty tabby will continue to have fun at the shows. I have to be honest. I would be very disappointed if she decided she no longer wanted to go. But, as the person who fills out the entry forms, I must respect her wishes. Cats tell their owners….but the owners have to listen carefully.