It was time to get back to the cat show game after more than 8 months of a break. Of course, participating in a show requires that I have a cat to show. As I never do anything half way, I have TWO RagaMuffin kittens to show!

Last weekend was the Santa Paws show, sponsored by the Greater Baltimore Cat Club. I always enjoy that show. It was a huge entry. As a matter of fact, it reached the maximum allowed; that hardly ever happens. My kittens were among 67 four to eight month old babies that showed up.

As both my kittens were under 5 months old, it was the ideal time to introduce them to the ring. The older kitten, Rolo, was immediately comfortable in the environment. He had no issues with being at the bench, in the judging cage or on the judging table. He even tried to go up the scratching pole, but none of the judges allowed it.

The other kitten, Pixi Stix was just over 4 months old. She was comfortable at the bench, but when she initially went to the judging cage, she was a bit apprehensive and stayed in the back. She did fine on the judging table though. By the third ring, she had figured it out and was knocking the number off the top of the cage and batting at the ribbons hung on the front.

My main goal for the weekend was to be sure the kittens had a good time. When they have a good time, I do too. Exhibitors and spectators were interested in the two kittens with the sweet faces. One fellow exhibitor simply said….”those kittens make me smile”.

It was good to see friends that I had not seen for a while. It was also good to have mommy and me time with the kittens. In keeping with tradition, I dressed each of them in holiday outfits. They had their photo taken by many exhibitors and spectators. It’ll be a few weeks until their next show. I have plenty of time to pick out their outfits.