The Greater Baltimore Cat Club hosts a show in Parkville MD every December. I like to go to the show. It’s not too far away, the weather is usually pretty good. Well, except for the year there was a snow storm on the drive home when I was very grateful I was driving a Tahoe. I go to that area frequently enough for shows that I am very familiar with the local Panera Bread and how to get to the La Quinta Inn; believe me getting to that place is very weird. You have to turn into a parking lot for an office building, drive over the speed bumps through that lot, turn right at the other end and follow that road to the motel. Whoever designed that access must have been impaired.

Well, Fudgie and I made it through the challenging path to the La Quinta, checked in and went to our room. Fudgie is starting to like motels. A lot. He came right out of the carrier and jumped up on the king bed, plopped down in the middle and took a nice tongue bath. We spent the evening wondering why the movie “The Hunger Games” was so popular.

Saturday morning found us on the road to the show  venue with our packed sandwich from Panera. We got there, I set up our Sturdi and grooming station and then went to chat with friends. Well, that was my undercover motive. My real motive was to solicit more ads and sponsorships for the Fabulous Feline Festival. I was moderately successful, until I became afraid that everyone in the hall was going to start avoiding me.

Fudgie had a successful day under the judges scrutiny. He got an All Breed Final under Russell Webb, a Specialty final under Chuck Gradowski and a Best in Specialty under Canadian judge Terry Farrell. Fudgie was pretty tired at the end of the day. I only dressed him as Santa once and he promptly took a nap.

That night, I made yet another visit to Panera for soup and salad. Fudgie and I rested up and Sunday went  back to the show hall. Fudgie was not as successful on Sunday, but did manage an All Breed final under Iris Zinck who commented he must have a personal trainer. I was very pleased with the results of the show. Fudgie earned over 100 points with national running Grand Champions in the building.

As always, it is fun to go to a show, but it is also good to come home and spend time with all the critters.