I admit it. I have not been working with my six month old Labrador puppy, Bling, as I intended to. It has been a busy summer. She went to puppy class as do every one of my puppies. She knows the basics, sit, walk on a leash, stand, etc. But, I had planned early on to have her ready to compete in September. It’s not going to happen.

But even though she has not advanced  to the level I had in mind, it certainly is not her fault. It takes time and effort to get there. But what she is, at this point, is delightful. She is happy, loving and a bit obnoxious in a puppy kind of way. I was just out gardening with her loose in the yard. She was a bit too far away for my comfort, so I called her. She stopped, looked, and broke out in a flat out run to come to me. I have to say, that response brings me so much joy.

About a month ago, I was gardening with Bling  sniffing around. When I weed, I stand in the garden and toss the weeds out to be cleaned up later. Well, I was busy tossing weeds behind me, one after another until I happen to glance over my shoulder. There was Bling, sitting with a mouthful of the weeds I had thrown back. She is a retriever. And she has a very good natural retrieve.  I was laughing as she was so serious that she had done her job of gathering the material thrown and carefully brought it back to me. Of course, I had to take a picture.

Honestly, I am not worried that she is not ahead of the curve with her training. She does not have to be a puppy prodigy. We’ll get the job done in time. My first goal is to keep her happy and healthy.