Last weekend was yet another cat show. The day before Easter, I was set up next to friends at a hotel in Maryland with a couple of cats and several Easter costumes. Nougat, my seasoned show cat, star of commercials (well, he’s made an appearance in a couple), and object of my obsession with cat outfits, was ready for his close-ups.

Besides being judged, he patiently wore bunny ears and a cupcake hat among other things so spectators could photograph him. Fudgie, his grandson, is learning how to play to the crowd, although I do not think he was born with Nougat’s ability to handle just about every situation.

But, it turned out to be Fudgie’s big day. The judges rewarded him throughout the show. Somewhere towards the end of the day, I counted up his points and realized he had earned his Grand Championship! That is a big deal in the Cat Fancier’s Association. It was exciting to share the news with my friends.

In addition, a reporter was there from the local paper. He talked to me for a while about Fudgie and the cat show. I didn’t think too much of it at the time. Today I got an email from someone I met at the show who told me it made the paper on Sunday.

From head to tail: Judges size up cream-of-the-crop cats in Frederick

As always, it is nice to be home. Fudgie is hanging out, doing what cats do. He is finished with the shows for this season since he reached my goal for him. I think he is OK with that, except he has developed a fondness for hotel rooms like his grandpa.