I realized recently that two anniversaries have gone by without notice. One is my adoption of Sprinkles and Praline and the other is the addition of Crinkle to the family. All are doing well. They are joyful, well loved members of my household.

Over four years ago, Sprinkles and Praline were rescued from a campground as small kittens with their injured mommy ( see Happy Birthday Praline and Sprinkles). I already had plenty cats, but I just couldn’t resist. They were adorable and have grown up into wonderful cats. Yes, Sprinkles still licks my right ear lobe. If she ever stops, I think I will be sad.

And then there is Crinkle. Crinkle, the subject of a number of my blogs ( see Crinkle, the Cat that Stole My Heart), has seated himself firmly in my heart. He is no beauty; his looks tell of his hard life. But, he has a dignity and contentment that is unequalled. I look at him and just melt. After his return to health, he became, uh, let’s just say, chubby. Well, he is now not quite as chubby, so progress has been made.

I think anyone who has rescued a pet from less than ideal circumstances knows what it is like to see them healthy and happy. The bond with these animals doesn’t fade. I knew I did not need any more cats when these kitties walked into my life, but I am certainly glad they made the journey.