It was love at first sight. I saw her at the Cat Fanciers’ Association’s World show fourteen months ago. She was beautiful. And sweet. Well groomed. Humble. She wore a pink print dress nestled in her breeder’s arms . At only four months old, Buttons was a stunner. A lovely natural mink tortoiseshell and white ( that’s a brownish calico to the uninitiated) that was entered in the kitten class. My fellow RagaMuffin friends were also impressed with her.
After meeting Buttons, I talked to her breeder, Lynda, about her future. It turned out, Buttons was promised to a family for a forever pet home. Oh well, she was gorgeous and would make a pretty show cat, but that’s the way it goes. Buttons did well at the big show in Philadelphia and flew back to Illinois. I thought I would never see her again.13157-103
Luck was with me. A few weeks after the show, I got a call from Lynda. The family that was to have Buttons had a change of mind. So, Buttons was mine if I wanted her! Shortly thereafter, Buttons took a trip with Jeff of the Pet Transport Guys from Illinois to Pennsylvania. When she got to my house, she had knocked her water bowl over and rolled in that and her litter. My adorable kitten had a crust covering her. Poor Jeff said she sang like Cindy Lauper on the trip. But, she was home.
After a bit of cleanup, she looked as good as ever. I was anxious to get her in the show ring. Lynda had competed with her in cat agility. She was already an agility champion. While getting her experience in the show ring, I discovered that Buttons was a good car traveler and liked hotels enough until it was time to pack up and leave. It was then she would decide to play hide and seek. I took apart more than one motel bed to retrieve the mischievous little cat.
As Buttons grew up, she collected points toward her Grand Championship. It’s a big deal in the cat show world. She earned those last few points this weekend at a show close to home. In dramatic form, she waited until the last ring of the day to get Best Long Hair Champion. Like any proud mom, I was videoing the judge’s placement. I was so engrossed in the video, I almost forgot the tradition of shouting out NEW GRAND! Buttons is home tonight. Pretty much like any other night. The dogs are on the couch and she is resting in a favorite spot. Grand Champion Agility Champion Gentlepurrs Buttons N’ Bows.