20140726_181952Remember Crinkle? He’s my worn out red tabby cat with the battered ear that was rescued almost two years ago. He’s been the subject of several blogs before. This blog is not just about Crinkle, a.k.a., big fat red cat. It’s about a new friend he has as well.

First, catch up to what’s going on in Crinkle’s life. He’s happy. Always happy. Loves to be petted and fed. He would prefer more food than he is currently getting, but I tell him it is for his own good. He doesn’t complain much, but he really would like 24/7 access to meals. He loves to nap on the bed or in his hammock. While he likes an occasional game of chase the mousie, he is a bit mature for too much enthusiasm.

So, on to his new friend. Her name is Beignet. She is a sable with white RagaMuffin kitten that I have been looking forward to arriving. She is currently thirteen weeks old and a bundle of purrs and energy. She is one of those kittens that just loves to get in trouble. She has supervised access to the whole house at this point and she has chosen Crinkle has her new BFF.

Crinkle has for the most part been very patient with the new kid in the house. He carefully washes her head and lets her knead him and take naps next to him. He does get a bit testy when she plays with his tail. After all, his tail still bears the scar of the awful maggot infested wound he had at the time of his rescue. It appears Beignet doesn’t take his admonitions to heart as she just keeps on with her activity.

I think it is adorable to see my recovered Crinkle cuddled up with a kitten that has never had a bad day in her life. She came from a good family, never wanting for food or toys. He came from, well, the opposite. I wonder if he tells her about his hard times, or she would care if he did. I suppose all that really matters are the good times now for both of them. Maybe we should take a lesson.