I am looking at the calendar for a good date for a party. I have to plan around dog and cat shows as well as family reunions, etc. I look forward to seeing my friends. They look forward, I hope, to coming. I have what might be considered unusual parties. They are generally outside…..not that unusual, pot luck…..maybe a bit odd, but the kicker is…bring a dog. Well, people don’t really HAVE to bring a dog, but they can. I have agility equipment set up, a stream, and a play yard for the pooches. Needless to say, it is not a dress up party.
The theme is generally “Bring a Dog and a Dish”. My parties always have something to celebrate that my pets have accomplished. This year, canine Visa is celebrating completing her championship last winter. Two of the cats, Ganache and Nougat, are celebrating major wins in the cat world with national ranking. Visa is likely to score some time in the stream with buddies as well as maybe a few treats. The cats will greet guests from safely inside the house.
Last year Nougat celebrated some top wins. He sat on the side table next to the food table and greeted guests like a red carpet celebrity. Of course, in my mind, he is just that! I think he enjoyed it. If not, he could easily have disappeared into one of his favorite spots. Last year, we also had a non-canine pet guest. Dr Mengle brought her pet bearded dragon, Sobe. He snagged some yummy grapes.
I already have one of my veterinarian friends asking about a party. She has a new puppy that wants to come! I’ve got to get started planning.