Emperor of the cat yard

Emperor of the cat yard


I have had cats all my life. All colors, short hair, long hair, both sexes, barn cats, house cats and in between cats. In 2009, I got my first purebred cat, a RagaMuffin from Kaerik Rags. He was a gorgeous sable with white kitten, full of cuteness . I waited on a list for two years to get my special kitten.

I named him Bon Bon…..he was and is eye candy. One of my early impressions of him was that he was more athletic than I expected. He was flying around the house climbing cat trees that I thought would be difficult for a baby.

At some point,  I realized the true nature of my beautiful, spoiled Muffin. He was a killer. You see, I have a fenced in cat yard with trees, shrubs, grass and toys for my little darlings. One day, I looked outside to see what was happening in the yard and saw 6 cats in a semi circle intently watching something under a shrub. I went outside to check out the situation and spied Bon Bon, the main attraction, growling and chewing on what appeared to be the remains of a squirrel or chipmunk. The other cats were in awe of him.

Ever since that day, my adorable Muffin has been on a murder spree. Unlucky voles that pop up in the yard, mice that wander in, and, yes, the occasional bird that flies in, become victims of the furry beast. The worst part is, he brings them in the house for kitty soccer. Ugh. I hate mornings with dead vole findings. Worse, I hate nights when Bon Bon is making that “particular” yowl which means “I got something”.

Last summer, I needed new barn cats for the rodent population. Honestly, if I could have figured out a way to keep Bon Bon safely contained and keep his amazing coat free of debri, I would have put him out there for play time. I am pretty sure he would have done the job in short order!

So, when people say how sweet their RagaMuffin is, I agree; unless, you are a rodent or a bird.


Photo of Bon Bon by RoxAnne Franklin