I have a chronic disease. It’s known by my friends as kittenitis. Never heard of it? Really? Let me tell you about it. This disease occurs when a cat lover’s kitten is all grown up and settled in to the household. The afflicted person just starts dreaming about a kitten. The temporary cure is a new kitten, of course.

This is all a way to tell you that I recently got two new kittens. I NEEDED them, you see. Well, maybe not, but I got them anyway. Both kittens are RagaMuffins that I get to cuddle and show. The first one that came home is named Squidgy. She is a female natural mink silver classic tabby with blue eyes. Whew!  It’s tiring to type out her color! She is named for a chocolate and cream dessert in the UK. It seems I name all the RagaMuffins after sweet things.

The second one is a boy named Ganache. He is the son of my grand champion Nougat who was the top RagaMuffin in the country in the last show year. Ganache is a purr  machine. He is a gorgeous sable classic tabby. He has his daddy’s fabulous personality.  You may have noticed, he, too, is named after a dessert!

I will be going to cat shows in the coming months, getting the kittens used to the handling and the atmosphere; spending the day with cat friends, shopping to restock kitten toys, and just, maybe, bringing home some ribbons.

Nougat will be back at the cat shows after six months off. I really do think he enjoys the shows. He likes the attention. I’m not sure how much he likes the hats I sometimes put on him, but he humors me. He hasn’t seen the bat costume I got him for Halloween. I bought it used on ebay……the seller stated it was “worn for an incredibly short period of time.” I guess his cat didn’t appreciate the outfit.

Well, time for me to go play with a couple of kittens. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it!