I love Giblet. Giblet is not all that lovable sometimes. He is a big long haired brown tabby that has issues. I know it’s not his fault. Giblet did not choose to live in a house with 000_0048multiple cats. That environment stresses him endlessly. He is better on medication, but not perfect.

Giblet was born down the road from me. A stray cat visited my friend’s barn just in time to deliver a litter of kittens. I brought him home to cheer me up as I had a significant surgery planned that would leave me incapacitated for some time. He was adorable, all round and fluffy. It was nearing Thanksgiving, thus, I named him Giblet. He was a darling kitten and did his job of nursing me after surgery, keeping me entertained. It was a huge job. Two of my dogs died within eight days of each other as I recuperated. It was a terrible time for me.

Giblet was affectionate and playful. As he matured, his personality changed. He became anxious, disliking the other cats and stressed in general. Giblet became what every cat owner dreads….he’s a peer. Yep, he pees outside the litter box and sprays. Physical examination, urinalysis, and bladder radiographs did not reveal a medical problem I could wave a magic wand and fix. Nope, Giblet is one of those cats that pee because he is always upset. I built a large outdoor cat yard so he could go out, 100_0141pee where ever he wanted and enjoy the outdoors safely. That idea failed. He is terrified of the outdoors. I bought a house full of cat towers and climbers to provide environmental richness. He’s just  not into them.

This is the kind of cat many people dump at a shelter. I will never do that. He is my cat. The day I took him home, I made a commitment to him. He cuddles and kneads my right arm. My responsibility is clear…to provide the best life I can for him. That’s what pet ownership is about.