Most of you know I am obsessed with my cats. That’s not news. Many of you know I have been showing my RagaMuffin, Nougat, since he was a kitten. The cat show year ends in April. Last year Nougat was the top RagaMuffin kitten in the nation. That was fun stuff. This year is even better. He just ended the show year as the best RagaMuffin cat in the country.

What makes this so nice? First, he is a wonderful example of the breed. He literally takes my breath away when I look at him. Second, he is a sweetheart. They don’t come any more easy going and agreeable.

While his breeder ( Kaerik Rags) and I have been serious about showing him, we have not been flying around the country every weekend. Nougat spent most of the year in the lead. More recently, a competing cat started catching up in points. While the two never met in competition until recently, they were neck and neck for year end points. This past weekend was the first opportunity for the two cats to compete whisker to whisker. Nougat wiped the floor with him. Did I say that??? I mean Nougat came out ahead.

I am competitive by nature. It’s a curse. I can’t help myself. But to be able to compete with the pets I enjoy is a pleasure. I get to spend extra time with them at shows. I always call a show weekend with Nougat “Mommy and Me” time. I live with it when we are losers, but I